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Massage Package Deals

New Studio Promo Special Starts November 1st – 15th!

60-Minute Kiema Signature Massages are only $49! Book Your Session TODAY before spots fill up.

Discount On Your Next Session

$25 off
  • Book your next session the┬áSAME DAY as you receive your promotional massage, and you will get an instant additional $25 off your next session, EVEN IF YOU ARE OPTING FOR A PACKAGE DEAL!!
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60 Minute Package

Save $40-$90
  • Save anywhere from $40 to $90 when purchasing 3-Packs or 6-Packs of Kiema Signature 60-Minute Sessions
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90 Minute Package

Save $25-$50
  • Save $25 to $50 when purchasing 2-Packs or 4-Packs of Kiema Signature 90 Minute Sessions.
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